Our Philosophy and Mission Statement

“If your mind can believe, the body can achieve.”

At Yaletown Trainers, our personal training philosophy goes beyond simply going through the motions and counting reps. It is about making a decision to change your life and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. We take a whole body approach so that our clients will see and feel the personal training benefits. With motivation, dedication and education you can do it and we can help! Changing your life is a journey and we will be there to support you, motivate you and make sure you enjoy every step along the way. Are you ready to start living your life stronger, healthier and happier? It is time to change and the time is now.

Yaletown Fitness

What Yaletown Trainers can do for YOU!

  • Receive individualized and personalized workouts by a qualified and educated personal trainer.
  • Teach you how to train “functionally.” Go beyond the basics of weight machines to increase strength, balance and flexibility.
  • Reach your fitness and weight-loss goals while developing strategies for injury prevention.
  • Challenge you in new and different ways each workout. You will never do the same workout twice!
  • Provide you with an energizing and motivating workout atmosphere in a private studio or at home.

yaletown personal training

Hiring a Personal Trainer:

When hiring a personal trainer, there are a few key items to look for in order to receive the maximal personal training benefits.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and/or Physiology.
  • – Certification from a national accredited agency, such as : NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).
  • Experience in a variety of settings, example: sports conditioning, senior fitness, etc. This will make for a more well-rounded trainer and a more beneficial program for you.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our client’s lives by creating a memorable fitness experience. We will deliver the best possible fitness and nutrition solutions to our customers’ needs through fun, challenging, appropriate and effective programs thereby being recognized as a unique and respected fitness resource for our community.

Our Core Values:

1) Do the right thing all of the time.
2) Always under-promise and over-deliver.
3) Take responsibility for outcomes.
4) Be honest and responsive to customer concerns.
5) Treat customers with respect. Do not exaggerate expected results.
6) Program design is based on science and fact and is appropriate for the individual or group.